We sell goods to support social projects in our communities

Christmas cards, hand made by our student chapter in Varna, Bulgaria.

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At People to People International, we believe in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. Our PTPI Regions offer a range of gatherings that are inclusive of all ages, allowing members to experience diverse cultures, make connections, learn something new, and gain valuable intercultural skills. Join us at one of our conferences, meetups, or youth camps to start living life and making lasting cross-cultural connections while exploring local issues. We see the world as a place full of cultural beauty and complexity, and we are here to help everyday citizens find understanding between our leaders, members, and prospective partners.


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Update Q4 2023

Hey PTPI Family, We’re all about creating amazing opportunities for connection—think Regional Conferences, Youth Camps, Meetups, and Homestays. If you’re up for leading […]

Encouraging Youth

“The world now has the largest generation of young people in history. I place great hope in their power to shape our future,” former United […]

Our project approach

People to People International has always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. We offer a variety of programs designed to increase […]

Homestay visits

What is the International Visitors Homestay Program? The International Visitors Program is a cultural interaction experience. Members of our global chapter network are given the opportunity to […]