Our project approach

People to People International has always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. We offer a variety of programs designed to increase chapters’ ability to carry out the mission of the organization in their communities. Contact your local chapter to learn about what they are doing.

SDGs and PTPI Europe – the long view

Sustainable Development Goals
In 2015, more than 190 world leaders committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help us all end extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice, and fix climate change. We each have a role to play if we’re going to achieve these goals of a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world.

The 17 goals and the 169 targets contained within those goals are a fabulous roadmap to the future. These goals are being adopted by both the public and private sectors. They provide business and industry with a great platform to measure their sustainability, as well as their contribution to the planet and humanity.

For PTPI Europe, our ability to have a meaningful impact will happen when our chapters align their activities with SDGs. This means in reality that we have to take a long view during our thinking and planning. We plan to register in accordance with the UN SDG platform, the things we do, as a way of demonstrating our commitment to people, the plant and peace. This means that we must prove our commitment through concrete initiatives. The initiatives need to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resource-based, with Time-based deliverables.

Chapter Project Report form

If you would like advice to develop a project for your local community, please do contact us. You may be looking to volunteer either with PTPI, or another charity or NGO.  We will do our best to guide you.

Project Ideas

Living Library, an example can be found here> books are people and reading takes the form of a conversation

Run coffee mornings to give your community a space where they can meet on an informal basis to discuss topical subjects

Run projects that highlight the problems of people with a physical disability

Highlight problems caused by a lack of awareness around mental health and loneliness with presentations and round table discussions 

Lead environmental projects which clean up trash and waste in your communitypossibly best in cooperation with your respective municipal services

Run or support local conservation projects like planting shrubs and trees 

Clean-up and refurbish a local playground for children

Volunteer with your chapter at a local soup kitchen, orphanage or home for elderly citizens 

Chapter Projects for fundraising 

Design and make unique Christmas and New Year cards, possibly in cooperation with an orphanage or old age home, and sell them

Design and make unique Handbags in cooperation with an old age home, and sell them

Collect used books and give them to a local school library or sell them

Educational Chapter Projects  

Educational activities on topics of interest and relevance to society like diversity and inclusion in our chapter and community. As a great example including respective fundraising see North Macedonia.  

Our Shop

We are building this online shop to allow our talented and active chapters, a method to sell items or services. These are just one of the ways that our student chapters develop funds.  Almost all of our social projects are funded by private citizens.  We are grateful for their continued trust and for supporting our efforts to improve the state of the world. 

People to People International has always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding. Why? Because this is one of the ways to convert rigidity of habit, into collaboration, offering a chance of peace through understanding. At PTPI, we create international connections for anyone who wants to experience the world and become a community problem solver.

Join us and make a difference – Peace through Understanding. #ptpi #globalcitizen

During the months of April and May, we shall be developing this shop and learning how to use technologies as part of our advancement.  We may now have everything right when you visit.  Please forgive us and bear with us – the end product will be worth it. 

If you are new to PTPI, you can head over to our Website where you will find explanations about us, our history and our mission. 

Deliver fresh news

Welcome to our community shop and thank you for supporting our chapters to thrive.

We are a global community of engaged citizens that focus on making friends, understanding cultures so that we can all learn to live, together, in peace.

Our shop is filled with items and ideas developed by our amazing network of members.  All profits are directed to social projects so improve the state of the world.

To find out more about our community shop, please do contact us>

Development solutions

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