PTPI Europe asbl Shop Terms and Conditions
April 2020:

We accept that it is essential to state clearly the circumstances that govern the sales of products and services we have made available on our site. As a social enterprise, we want to engage our community to help us grow both the store, privacy policies along with terms and conditions. 

Please do send us your suggestions and we shall grow this statement, organically. mail@ptpi.eu 

Our commitment to you:

As an international NGO with a strong reputation for community service, we will ensure that the highest ethical standards guide our actions. The majority of our products are hand made by our members. Some products will be sourced and printed locally. A member of our PTPI family manages all travel services. We arrange Homestays with PTPI members and their local chapters. 

Our Shop provides PTPI Europe with a tool to raise funds for local social projects delivered by our chapters. Products are shipped directly from the sales location. Prices and funds are in euro, and our Shop is registered alongside PTPI Europe asbl, Brussels, Belgium. Our EEC (European Executive Committee) is responsible for the distribution of funds. Our European network of chapters is accountable for making the products, and for guiding the growth of the Shop. 

Should there be a requirement for a refund, we promise that we shall make this process as smooth as possible. The Shop operational team cannot examine goods before they are placed on the site. Therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for product quality. We are a community service, and we will always do whatever is humanly possible to resolve any problems. 

Your feedback is vital to our success. Please do contact us should you have any comments. mail@ptpi.eu